Dear User (Part 3)

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July 9, 2011 Last round of these. I had forgotten how funny some of these calls were! Dear User: Minimizing IE and then restoring it does not, in fact, refresh the page. Next! {More...}

Dear User (Part One)

Some of my favorite Help Desk moments. I have too many to add them as one post. Dear User: Yes you have to have an Internet connection to check your e-mail at home. {More...}


September 15, 2006 Talked to the recruiter at my previous employer. They want me to quit my new job that I have been doing for only 9 days at $10K a year more than they were paying me to come back for a technical writing position they have open. They even offered to match my new salary. I […] {More...}

Ch- ch- ch- changes

September 13, 2006 So, I’ve been at my new job for a week. It’s pretty cool. Everyone is nice, they treat me with respect, and I am doing my job, not someone else’s. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my moods since I started here. The job is somewhat challenging because this place has customized everything, including Word. […] {More...}

Short Timer

August 23, 2006 I have 7 days (including today) left at my current job, and I don’t feel like doing anything. Part of it is that I hate the people I have to do stuff for. Another part of it is that I hate this job. Yet another part of it is I just don’t care anymore. I […] {More...}