I’m Back?

March 5, 2014 Man, it’s been a while since I posted. Okay, so 13 months. Mostly I haven’t known what to post. Since going Keto last year, we mostly cook at home. And my husband does most of the cooking. I cook other people’s recipes, because I still need recipes. I am very envious of people who can […] {More...}

Summertime, and the Living’s _________.

Fun, Life
July 9, 2011 Remember when you were a kid and when school started back up (after Labor Day) you’d have to write one of those stupid “How I Spent my Summer Vacation” essays? Here’s what I imagine I’d be turning in this year. 😉 {More...}

Let’s Try This Again

Life, Smoking
April 19, 2008 Last week I started taking Chantix to help me quit smoking (again!). I am really trying this time and hope to have better success than in the past. I hope that by blogging my progress weekly I will gather the support I need from my friends and family. {More...}

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet!

February 10, 2007 Today we went on an official house hunt. It was actually a little bit of fun. The first house we went to was…small. Everything felt smooshed. There was no basement, no attic, and very few closets. The owners have cats though. One of them looked like it had swallowed a basketball. It was a normal-looking […] {More...}

De Plans! De Plans!

Life, Love, Wedding
January 7, 2007 Well, it’s a whole new year! And despite Mike’s insistence that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up, the holidays are over and we have actually started planning our wedding. What have we gotten done? Not a whole hell of a lot, looking at the lists of what needs to be done. Well, to […] {More...}

The Proposal

Life, Love
December 19, 2006 On Sunday, December 17, we had gone to Costco because they had a great deal on some gift certificates I wanted to get his mom for Christmas (2 $50 certificates for $80). Mike was also looking for the Nikon D80 kit (apparently I was getting a sweet camera for Christmas) they had for an amazing […] {More...}

Catching Up

December 18, 2006 First, the bad news. My father passed away on November 22, 2006 of small cell lung cancer. We knew going in that it was not cureable. When he was diagonsed, the cancer had already spread to his liver, lymph nodes, adrenal glands, and brain. The cancer was very aggressive and kept spreading and growing even […] {More...}

Life, the Universe, and Everything

November 15, 2006 Have you ever gone through one of those phases where everything seems insignificant? Lately I have felt like nothing I have done up to this point in my life has really meant a damned thing. Don’t get me wrong. I have a perfectly happy, normal (read: boring) life. I just feel like I could be […] {More...}