Something I started doing a few years back (once we discovered how good of a cook I married) was trying new foods. Sometimes old ones, the ones I didn’t think I liked. Brussel’s Sprouts were one of my first rediscovered foods. I forget how he prepared them but I was a goner after the first bite. So delicious and not at all what I remember them being like when I was a kid.

One night, back when Food Network still showed cooking shows (or maybe it was The Cooking Channel), we were watching Symon’s Suppers on TV. This was a great show, I wonder if it’s still on the air. He has such a fun time and a great personality…I digress.

During the show he starts talking up one of his mother-in-law’s recipes for southern greens. You know, the bitter ones? I kept thinking how gross the dish he was making must be because EWWWWWW kale, Swiss Chard, mustard greens, and collard greens. I’d only ever even tried kale out of that blend and when I had it it was so disgusting I thought about calling Child Services and reporting my mother for cruel and unusual punishment of a minor for making me eat it. Ever had frozen kale? Don’t. Just don’t. Ever. Don’t serve it to your enemies, either. They’ll consider it an act of war.

Anyway….so he starts making this dish that I am sure can’t possibly be good. When he was done the dish was stunning. Bright and green and he and his wife seemed to really enjoy it. It got me to thinking. What made me think that dish would be horrible? Prior experience? I should know better by now, right? So I decided we were going to try it. I was craving fried chicken anyway.

I don’t cook much because, honestly, my husband is better at it. But give me a recipe and I can make good food happen. A few nights later I had these fresh greens and was going to go for it. First things first? I tasted each type of greens. The Kale was okay, a little bitter but not what I remembered. The Swiss Chard was very similar. I immediately fell in love with the mustard greens when I discovered they had this really interesting peppery aftertaste. But the collard greens were my favorite. They weren’t bitter at all and had a really nice light cabbagy flavor (the leaves are also huge and sturdy so collard greens are much better than lettuce leaves for wraps, fyi).

Long story short, it took me so long to prep the greens and get them cooking that I had to go to the Roy Rogers up the street to get fried chicken because it was getting late and I was getting too tired to cook anymore.

The dish? One of the best things I have ever eaten. Completely blew me away. The flavor and texture of these “bitter” greens were amazing. So I now wonder how many people hate things like kale and other greens just because they’ve never had them prepared well.

If you’re interested, give Sherla’s Southern Greens a try.

{March 6, 2014}