Holy crap I was a total spaz in the kitchen tonight! I was making Garlic-Rosemary steak and a Lima bean salad with herbs and red wine vinaigrette.

So I started soaking the Lima beans last night because you’re supposed to. I also started the rosemary infused olive oil (you put the olive oil and rosemary in a sauce pan and heat it to 140 degrees then let it sit, I refrigerated overnight).

The olive oil turned out nice. The Lima beans….I can’t cook Lima beans, apparently. They were crumbly then they were…disintegrated. lol

I was doing pretty well. The red wine vinaigrette I made for the Lima beans was really yummy and the herb mixture was tasty (we put it over steamed green beans and I loved it).

The steak was just a flank steak but done right they are yummy. I seared it on all sides as instructed after rubbing it with olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. Done. Easy. Next. Infuse garlic into olive oil. Cool. I put sliced garlic in the pan with 4 or so tablespoons of olive oil and started cooking until the garlic was starting to get dark but not burned. It smelled so good. I strained the oil into a bowl. I started to take the bowl over to the sink so I could remove the strainer and toss the garlic. And dropped the bowl. On the floor. The bowl broke in four pieces and I cut my toe. And my beautiful garlic oil was on the kitchen floor as Mike was slicing the steak so I could finish cooking it…in garlic oil. I put the garlic back in the pan with some olive oil and half the steak slices and hoped for the best. When I guessed the meat slices were medium-rare I put them in a bowl with some of the garlic and the oil. I did the same with the remaining half of the steak slices. I added 2 Tablespoons of the rosemary oil and tossed it.

Okay. The green beans? A hit. The steak? Not bad, but did not reach its potential. I should have known getting into infused olive oil was too much for me to do on my own. Mike and I are going to make this one again…together. Now how in the hell do you cook Lima beans?!

{October 28, 2012}