Last week I started taking Chantix to help me quit smoking (again!). I am really trying this time and hope to have better success than in the past. I hope that by blogging my progress weekly I will gather the support I need from my friends and family.

The way this works is I have been gradually increasing my dose of Chantix since last Friday. In theory, the Chantix plays with the same receptors that attracts the nicotine in the cigarettes, keeping them happy so I don’t have as many urges to smoke. I’ve been following the prescription and taking the medication just like I am supposed to. So today is D-Day, zero-hour, my Quit Day. I am supposed to try very hard not to have a cigarette. If I fail, that’s okay. I am supposed to just pick up where I left off and keep trying. My doctor expects me to be down to at most one or two cigarettes a week in 12 weeks when I go back to check in with her. My goal is to be done. Completely done.

Today has been a little hard already. My smoking trigger is basically anytime, anywhere. So not having that cigarette when I first got up today has left me feeling a little weird. Like my body expects it. It’s not really that I want the cigarette itself…Just the fact of not having one is odd. I had a handful of pistachios during a particularly difficult moment and that seemed to help. We’ll see.

See you next week!

{April 19, 2008}